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Pamsenglishbulldogs is a small Breeder of quality, AKC Registered (English) Bulldogs that are sold as pets, when not kept by our family, as house pets or Show Prospects.  Our puppies are hand raised in our home, one litter at a time!   I am not a Rescue, nor affiliated with any Rescue at this time.   My dogs are DNA Registered through AKC when required & DNA Tested prior to breeding.  

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Call or text:  (217)-712-0011  The best time to contact me is:  After 4:00pm until 9:00pm CST Mon.-Thur. & 11:00am-9:00pm Fri. Sat. or Sun. 

 Pamsenglishbulldogs females, are only bred to AKC Grand Champions, AKC Champion's or excellent blood lined males that our family feels, will produce healthy puppies with wonderful health, temperaments and confirmation.  I breed only pure bred AKC Registered (English) Bulldogs.  I have no other breeds in house!   If you are looking for a puppy that is raised in a "loving home" environment?"  You have came to the right place!   Patience is very important, in getting the right puppy for your family:)   Please see the pictures of our past puppies, in The Past Puppy Section above.  You may then, click on a photo itself, for more pictures to view.  Pure Bred (English) Bulldogs are like having children, in a lot of ways.  If you have never owned one before?  Please do your research on the "needs of the breed", to determine if this breed, is the right one for you & your home?  I am always here to help with any questions you may have!   Potential pet owners should always do their own research, prior to purchasing a pure bred puppy, of any breed.   

Our family truly loves & cares deeply, for our Bulldog's, from the time they are born, as well as throughout their lives!  "Our bulldogs are very much loved & spoiled!"  They are our house pets & Pam's hopeful show prospects:)   I, Pam's husband, have taken over caring for the newborns until their eyes are open, & the sales of any puppies.  Pam started our breeding program years ago, which she literally, put her heart, soul & $$$$ into creating!  A healthy bloodline, she's worked very hard to ensure healthy puppies!   You may still speak to Pam, should you wish to do so?   However, she is retired now, she always loves talking Bulldogs;)    

 My wife 1st started breeding many years ago, for the sole purpose of perfecting a healthy bloodline of Bulldog puppies for Loving, Responsible, Pet homes.   We were both very frustrated about how many Puppy Mills were selling unhealthy, Non-pure-bred Bulldog Puppies to the unsuspecting, average family!   And how many Scams were online, concerning this wonderful breed!  It was just heart breaking for my wife & I both!  You may find a cheaper puppy elsewhere, however you may very well be buying from a Puppy Mill and supporting their business or sending your $ to a Scammer!  Reputable breeders are fortunate if they break even financially because they give continuous "Veterinarian" care & love to the parents & their puppies.  Therefore, it is very important to the future of the (English) Bulldog Breed, itself & yourself, to be very careful who you purchase an (English) Bulldog Puppy from!  If people would stop buying from Puppy Mills, they could no longer continue to ruin the breed!  We were informed, that Scammers loved to use the $950 - $1800 range!  So if you see a puppy around that price, please be "very careful" about who you are sending your $ to!  We have had a few, past customers that have informed us that they themselves were dealing with Scammer's & almost or did, loose their $, prior to finding our family.  This has been going on for many, many years!   Everyone must be interviewed, prior to being accepted as a possible puppy buyer.  Puppy Mills & Scammers especially, try to obtain "our precious puppies photo's," information & phone number!   "Should you ever see this, please notify us immediately."  We have always been very selective, on where our babies go!   Our past customers are the ones who have educated us, due to what happened to them.  Their stories are very heart breaking to hear about!  I am a small breeder, that doesn't have a fancy website nor a Kennel for mass producing.  Bulldogs are very "emotionally dedicated" to their owners!  Our house pets are given one on one time, with my wife & I daily!  They are our children, now that our children are adults.  

I never send extra photo's or pedigree's to anyone, directly, until after I have spoke to a person over the phone in detail & feel comfortable that the individual is in fact serious, about a specific puppy.  We love the breed with all our hearts & have always done what we could in hopes of perfecting the (English) Bulldog Breed!  Remember you can always buy a cheaper puppy elsewhere, & end up with Vet bills higher than the original price of a healthy puppy, within the 1st year.       

NO puppies are sold by e-mail or texting correspondence only!   You must make appointments over the phone, not by e-mail or text.   I must speak to you over the telephone, prior to meeting you in person, & prior to selling a puppy to anyone!   I must feel that my puppies are going to a forever, loving, responsible home!  Thank you in advance, for your kind understanding.   Although, I do not like to ship puppies, I can check on the cost of having a puppy shipped, if I feel it is the only way for you to get your puppy.   Should that happen, it is the buyers expense, to have a puppy shipped & the buyer pays for all costs involved in it being shipped to you.  I will only ship to an  International Airport within the Continental USA, & possibly Canada?   I set up the shipping, NOT the purchaser!  I also do not like puppies to be on extremely long flights or on long lay-overs.  There is an "extra fee for shipping" of any puppy, & extra for lay-overs, which may be determined by destination.  A puppy that is to be picked up, or delivered in transit by me, may leave our home the day it turns 8 weeks of age, as long as it is paid for in full at the time of the "hand to hand" transaction.  Hand to hand transactions must be paid in cash only.  Should a puppy need to be shipped, it may have to wait until it is a min. of 9 weeks of age?  I base this decision on the individual personality & maturity level of the puppy being seriously, considered for purchase/shipping.    

Please note that all prices listed on this website are solely for pet homes & (not for breeding) the price of a puppy does not include shipping costs, leash's, collars, crate, bowls, ECT.  (It does cover taxes)  Sometimes, items for the new owner can be purchased in advance, at their request, then the new owner is to reimburse the seller during the hand to hand transaction. The receipt's will be in hand, in this case.  Established show homes may inquire for price and contract.  Pam's English Bulldogs "never sells" any puppies to Brokers, Pet Stores, Puppy Mills or Back Yard breeders, ECT!    All available puppies are listed here once Available, at approx. 4-5 weeks of age generally.  A $500 deposit must be paid to hold a puppy for you, until the puppy reaches 8 weeks of age, when being picked up or met with you, in transit.   A check for deposit can be used, as long as it has time to clear our bank, prior to the puppy leaving my possession.      

***For more information call:  (217)-712-0011.  Or E-mail or  Please ask for John should you call?  Serious inquiries only please!  For a general inquiry, e-mailing is best.  I thank you for your kind understanding!  Current hours are 4:00pm-9:00pm CST. Mon.-Thur.  & 10:30am-9:00pm CST. on Fri. & Sat.  On Sundays:  1:00pm to 9:00pm CST.  Please no texts or calls after 9:00pm CST on Sundays!  Thank you for your patience!    

All puppies come loved & spoiled from birth, well socialized, up-to-date on shots, de-wormed & have been checked by a licensed Veterinarian, prior to leaving our home!  Generally up to 3 times.  "What comes with your puppy?"  A Veterinarian Health Pamphlet, One Year Health Guarantee from date of birth, concerning a life threatening illnesses and an AKC Litter Registration Form.  I will answer any questions to the best of my ability, before & after the sale of any puppy!  It is much preferred that a puppy buyer ask questions, than to not ask!!!  

  We've always felt that a puppy buyer should be able to name their new puppy themselves.  Therefore, our past practice has been to give a puppy a temporary name, so the new owner or owner's, may register their new puppy with the name they themselves choose, by use of their Litter Registration Form.  Our puppies health and happiness is "extremely important" to us before and after they find their forever homes!  An occasional photo sent to us, is very special to me & my family!    

If you have any questions concerning Pamsenglishbulldogs or the English Bulldog Breed in general?  Please feel free to call or send an e-mail anytime.  I am located in E. Central, Illinois Approx. 4 hours South of Chicago.  Two hours East, of East St. Louis.  And approx. one & 1/2 hours W. of Indianapolis, IN.

Sorry, I do not accept payments, Credit Cards or Pay Pal at this time.  I opted not to use Pay Pal for the reason of lack of protection, on the sellers part.  Identity theft is a growing problem in the USA and if someone would happen to purchase a puppy by use of a stolen credit card, I would be without my puppy and the purchase.  This is the main reason we do not wish to use PayPal at this time.  Plus, I do not like to pass the extra Pay Pal expenses onto my clients. Please read my Health Guarantee for more information concerning payment of a puppy.  

The telephone number and e-mail addresses listed on this website is for the "sole purpose" of serious inquiries pertaining to English Bulldogs or puppies for sale.  Our phone number is on The National Do Not Call List Through the Federal Trade Commission and I/WE DO NOT welcome solicitation telephone calls or e-mails.  Scam calls, Texts may be reported.  I will try and work with anyone I can within reason.  However, all puppies must be paid for in full, prior to any puppy, leaving my possession.    

I thank you very much for your interest in Pam's English Bulldogs puppy's!    I hope you enjoy browsing through my website & take the time to view the very cute, past puppy photo's:)  Have a Great Day!  

  "Cleo" when she was 8 weeks of age              "Pebbles" is a daughter of Cleo


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Telephone:  (217)-712-0011