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About Me

Our adult dogs are all AKC Registered, Full Blooded English Bulldogs with very impressive pedigree's!   Our adult bulldogs as well as their puppies, are given very special one-on-one daily attention!  Bulldogs need a lot of love and attention from their owners and deserve nothing less!  We are not a back yard breeder, nor a puppy mill and do not have puppies available on a constant basis as a puppy mill would. We actually love our babies and they are raised in our home with a lot of daily interaction & affection.  We are not a kennel.  Our family only has one or two females at one time that I breed.  I do not over breed our girls!  We let the Vet decide on the amount of litters for our girls.  We skip heats & do what is best for our female house pets!  We want to ensure our females are taken great care of!  They love them very much & they return that love to us daily!  We must ensure that all of our puppies go to loving, caring, responsible forever homes!  And are not placed in outdoor kennels or ever end up in a Puppy Mill!  

Puppy buyers as well as Breeders, must be very careful in their dealings concerning the breed.  We feel it is very important for a potential puppy buyer to speak to the breeder in person or over the telephone and if they are not 100% comfortable with the breeder, they should look for a different one!  We prefer to sell our puppies in person!  We maintain the right to refuse service to anyone that we feel would not be a responsible owner.  We must feel that our puppies will be in "excellent hands" through out their life!  E-mail or texting correspondence is accepted for a basic inquiry.  Should we need to meet a customer in transit to deliver a puppy, we always request to meet in an agreed upon public place!   We feel everyone should do research on the care and needs of the breed prior to owning an English Bulldog. We always have someone with our puppies when we are gone for any length of time. As well as security.  

There is "no comparison to the love an English Bulldog will bring into your life!"    They are just an awesome, fun loving & dedicated breed!  They bring so much joy into our daily lives.  Our babies are very devoted to us & are great with children!  They will bring smiles, love and laughter into your life, like you wouldn't believe!   

Pam started the small breeding business after falling in love with the breed.   She also dreamed of showing a perfect female puppy for herself, in an AKC Show Ring.  She has spent a lot of her own money in breeding to the best studs she could find.  She insisted on going to AKC Bulldog Confirmation shows (even on our wedding anniversary) to look at possible future studs & to just watch and learn the aspects of dog showing.  However, due to personal reasons, she has not been able to full-fill her dreams of showing thus far.  Nor has she been able to continue handling the breeding part of the business she started.  Therefore, as her husband, she asked me to finish out what she started & finish her dreams for her.  So I have taken over the breeding part of this small business on her behalf. Pam bought our first bulldog for my birthday.  I bought the second one for her birthday.  And from there on, we were "hooked" on the breed:)   Our children and grandchildren all enjoyed helping us out as well.  Some of our grown children still come buy & interact & help out with the puppies & dogs when needed.  The dogs have their bedroom's now.  LOL!   

Thank you for visiting Pam's English Bulldogs!

Sincerely, John R. (& my forever wife Pam)


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