AKC Champion Lined English Bulldog Puppies for sale, from reputable breeder.


Pam's English Bulldog Puppy Contract/Health Guarantee


Pam's English Bull Dogs guarantee that the puppy purchased is in good physical health on the day the puppy leaves our home.  Free from visible signs of infection, contagious or communicable diseases.  Puppies are also guaranteed for 1 year, from date of birth, against life threatening congenital defects.  All necessary shots, de-wormer and veterinary checks required, per the age of the puppy, have been done. Veterinary record pamphlet  and AKC Litter Registration papers will come with the puppy.   Puppy may be micro-chipped by seller,  should a puppy need shipped..  Please be aware that dogs can get Kennel Cough if shipped, which is caused by bacteria similar to the common cold virus.   A puppy can generally be shipped to your nearest International Airport for an average amount of $450.00 shipping fee within the USA (& possibly Canada?)  Shipping during any Holiday Season could result in higher shipping fee's due to Airline Holiday price increases.  All fee's are paid prior to the puppy leaving our home.  Also, should the puppy not be able to be shipped in a small crate and a medium crate need to be used this can affect the price of shipping.  We personally, do not like to ship puppies!   But we also understand that sometimes this is the only way for us to get your puppy to you.  So, if other arrangments can be made, they are preferred over shipping.    We require that this "contract be printed and signed and a $500.00 deposit be mailed to us in order to hold a puppy for you."   Full payment is expected the day of pick-up or delivery.  Full amount must be paid and clear our bank prior to the shipping of any puppy.  Full payment in advance, is only required when a puppy is being shipped by us or is over 8 weeks of age.  However, if full payment is not made by the agreed upon time between the buyer and seller, and the seller feels that the buyer does not fully intend to purchase the puppy by the agreed upon date, the seller reserves the right to sell the puppy elsewhere.   Per AKC Regulations:  No puppy is allowed to leave the breeder/sellers home prior to being 8 weeks of age.  After an available puppy reaches 8 weeks of age, it is sold on a first come first serve basis as long as no deposit has been made.  We do not like to hold a puppy for more than 10 days after it reaches 8 weeks of age.  Puppies should be with their new owners ASAP after they are of 8 weeks of age.  It is best for the puppy and owner to bond as early as possible.  Seller reserves the right to refuse the sale of any puppy without reason, prior to a deposit being made and a contract being signed by both parties.  Deposit's are to be paid by personal check, money order or cash and is non-refundable.   NSF checks are charged $75.00 plus any and all charges originating from this transaction.  If final payment is not received within the initial agreed upon time, seller will first try to contact the buyer in hopes of working with them.  Sorry, but Pam's English Bulldog's does not accept credit cards or Pay Pal at this time.  There is an extra fee added for these services and we do not like to pass this on to our customers.   


Should you fly in to pick up your puppy and wish to take your puppy back home on the airplane in cabin?  We will meet you at the Indianapolis International Airport in IN.  However, your puppy will need A Certified Health Certificate & a Bordetella Vaccine in order for you to do this.  There is a $50.00 fee added to the cost of the puppy to help pay for the extra Veterinarian expenses. Any items requested by us such as a crate, bowls, leash, ECT. must be paid to us in cash, at the airport.  We will bring the receipts with us, for the items you request that we bring.  These items are normally included in your approx. $450 shipping fee.  


We do not have puppies available on a constant basis.  Therefore, should any puppy need replaced or refunded due to a life threatening congenital defect within one year from the date of birth, seller must be notified at the onset of any problem.  The buyer must also return the puppy to seller along with all AKC Registration rights for a refund or exchange.  Seller reserves the right to have a licensed veterinarian examine the puppy, as a second opinion prior to refund.  Should any puppy pass away from a life threatening congenital defect within the first year of birth, seller requires an autopsy report from buyers licensed veterinarian stating the reason of death.  Puppies Health Record must also accompany autopsy report to show that all required vaccinations, routine worm checks, heart worm prevention, ECT. has been done on schedule, before a refund can be made.  If other like puppies are available, we will first replace the puppy as soon as possible, from the available like puppies.  If we do not have a puppy available at the time and buyer wish?s not to wait until the next litter arrives, only the initial cost of the puppy itself will be refunded.  All veterinary, shipping fees , ECT. are the sole responsibility of the buyer once the puppy has left our possession.   Should a problem arise concerning the puppy during shipment, we will do what we can within reason, to help resolve the situation in the best manner possible for the puppy & buyer.     


Any sign of neglect will void this agreement.  Buyer agrees to have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of delivery.  If within 48 hours from the time the buyer takes possession of the puppy, it is found by a licensed veterinarian not to be in good health, it must be reported to seller in writing immediately.  PLEASE DO NOT take your puppy into public places or have your puppy around other animals until after the puppy has been vet checked and is old enough to have had all of it's vaccinations to ensure immunity against disease!  


 Our puppies are sold to families or individuals with the intention of them being a family pet.  Or to a show homes.   The price listed on our website is for pet homes only.  Show Homes may inquire for price.  Seller reserves the right to refuse service to any prospect-able puppy buyer and or, limit AKC Registration or breeding rights on any puppy.   This Agreement/Health Guarantee is NOT transferable to anyone, other than the original buyer.  However, breeding restrictions can apply throughout the life of a puppy sold by this seller.


Pam's English Bulldogs ARE a big part of our family and we take their care very seriously!  English Bulldogs are extremely, loving and need a lot of daily attention, love and care from their owners!   Please do your research to know how to care for your new puppy prior to owning one.  If you have done your research and you have decided that the English Bulldog Breed is right for you & your family.  Look no further!  You can?t beat the love our English Bulldog puppies can give!   They have wonderful temperaments.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!  We can direct you to more information concerning the breed.  And will do our best to make sure your transition is as smooth as possible for you and your new puppy.  You may contact us before and after the sale with any questions you may have.    

After we have approved your puppy purchase, please print this Health Guarantee/Agreement, complete all the required fields below by printing, then sign your name and mail it to us, along with your $500.00 deposit to our address.  We will give you our address once you are approved.  Upon receipt of your payment and signed contract, we will complete our part of the agreement/contract, make a copy for our records, then send the original back to you or it will come with your puppy.  If we are meeting in person, we will bring 2 copies of the contract with us, so both seller and buyer will have their own personal copy.   Should a puppy be over 8 weeks of age and you fully intend to purchase the puppy within 2 days, and we are meeting you in person, we will bring two copies of our contract with us.   You must pay in Cash if your purchase is a hand-to-hand transaction.  Thank you for your kind understanding.  

Both parties agree that this puppy being purchased from Pam's English Bulldogs is for the "sole purpose of it being a house pet," for the below individual or individuals (buyer).  In NO way is this puppy/dog to be used for breeding purposes!  Should the seller find that this puppy is or has been used for any breeding purposes what so ever, the Seller will have the legal right to re-obtain full ownership and possession of this puppy/dog without any return payment to the buyer.  The original buyer would also be responsible for any and all legal fee's in order for the seller to regain possession of the below stated puppy/dog.  The buyer would have to also turn over any and all AKC Registration Rights to the original seller.  This contract is to remain in full force for the life of the puppy no matter who may physically or otherwise own or possess the puppy stated below.  


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